Malaysia Apologizes for Chopper’s Mistaken Landing on Sebatik Island


Malaysia’s Sabah Air Aviation has conveyed an apology to the Indonesian Consulate General in Kinabalu for mistakenly landing its helicopter on Indonesian Sebatik Island, the Foreign Affairs Ministry said.

“They said the chopper was owned by private company Sabah Air Aviation. The Pilot and the company conveyed their apology to the Indonesian Consulate General in Kinabalu,” Foreign Affairs Ministry spokesman Armanatha Nasir stated as quoted by Antara July 1.

Following the incident  the ministry communicated with Deputy Ambassador of Malaysia to Indonesia Roseli Abdul. It had  expressed concerns over the incident wherein a Malaysian helicopter had landed without permision on a helipad in Indonesia’s Sebatik Island in Nunukan, North Kalimantan, on June 28.

The Malaysian diplomat explained that the helicopter had landed on a helipad in Sabatik Island as the pilot thought it was Malaysian territory. The chopper had initially tried to locate a helipad in Malaysia’s Sebatik region, but the helipad there was inundated and not visible. When they realized they had landed on the wrong helipad, they took off immediately. “Realizing that it was the wrong helipad, they took off immediately. The helicopter had still been running after landing,” he remarked as quoted by Antara.

Malaysian Home Affairs Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi was one of the passengers, heading for a working visit to Sungai Melayu in the Malaysian part of Sebatik. In addition,  according to information obtained from the Tarakan Airbase, Malaysian warships had recently been spotted illegally entering the waters of Ambalat in the district of Nunukan on nine occassions. They had to be warned berfore they turned back.

Vice President Jusuf M. Kallla has questioned the incidents of the Malaysian warships  border violations, which were spotted entering the Indonesian waters of Ambalat without permission. Antara further quoted Kalla,“We will certainly question the intentions of the Malaysian warships, which had been spotted entering the Indonesian warters of Ambalat illegally. We will submit a protest.” (ds)

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