Arianespace to Launch Indonesia’s BRIsat Satellite



            The public listed Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI) will become the first bank owning a satellite for banking purposes,  after recently obtaining the satellite orbit permit at 150.5 degrees East Longitude from the Information and Communication Ministry.


            BRI has allocated US$250 million or Rp 2.5 trillion fund to develop the satellite and has assigned Space System/Loral (SSL) from the United States and Arianspace of France to develop and launch BRIsat.


            “The needs of communication via satellite is required in  order to develop business,” said Managing Director Sofyan Basir as quoted by Antara after signing the cooperation with SSL Senior Vice Presiden, David Bernstein and Arianespace Senior Vice President, Jacques Bretonand.


            The contract signing took place in Jakarta April 28, was witnessed by Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, President of Indonesia, Tifatul Sembiring, Indonesian Information and Communication Minister, Dahlan Iskan, State Owned Enterprises Minister, and Corinne Breuze, French ambassador to Indonesia.


            The BRIsat will be the fifth satellite to be launched by Arianspace for Indonesian operator, and will be orbited by an Ariane 5 launcher in 2016 from the Guiana Space Center, Europe’s Spaceport Kourou, French Guiana.


            In a press release to Angkasa, Arianspace mentioned the BRIsat to be built by Space System/Loral, will weigh about 3,500 kg and will be fitted with C and Ku-band transponders with design life exceeding 15 years. From its orbital position at 150.5 degrees  East, it will deliver highly reliable communications services to BRI’s 11,000 bank branches across the Indonesian archipelago.


            Currently BRI uses 23 transponders from nine network providers to support the communication and information technology for more than 9,000 branches and e-channel network.  


           Sofyan further said, BRI curently is developing branch network and e-channels which will be supported through this communication satellite (BRIsat) which will be fitted with 45 transponders covering the country, and also ASEAN, North east of Asia, some Pacific area and West Australia.


         “Indoneisa has seventeen thousand islands, and more than seven thousand sub-districts as well as eighty thousand villages which require satellite communication technology,” Sofyan Basir further explained.


         While Jacques Bretonand said, BRI selection showed the competitiveness of Airanespace launch services for satellites of the 3 metric ton class. “This is our fifth contract with Indonesia, coming 15 years after the launch of Palapa C2 in 1996, and also further cements an exceptional space partnership between Indonesia and Europe,” he said. (ds)